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Signals That You Should Hire a Tax Accountant at Tax Time

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A tax accountant can be a good choice for any individual during tax time, even if their services do nothing more than relieve you of the stress that you might experience in trying to figure your own taxes. However, there are some definite signals that you should consider hiring a tax accountant during tax time and even throughout the year, so your tax burden is lessened and so that you know your paperwork is filled out properly. Note the following.

1. If you're at special risk for being audited

There is usually no way to guarantee that you won't be audited by the government after you file your taxes, but you may have an increased risk for any number of reasons. If you're self-employed with a large number of deductions or what might be considered questionable deductions, or if you make a certain amount of money every year, these may increase your risk of an audit. To ensure that your taxes are filled out properly and to ensure that you have help during such an audit, it's good to have a tax accountant handle your taxes for you.

2. If you're subject to special taxation

When you have an everyday job and your employer pays your income taxes throughout the year, you may not have complicated forms to fill out for your taxes. However, if you have income from overseas or own any type of business overseas, if you have income from spousal support or may be facing a capital gains type of tax, it's often best to have an accountant prepare your returns. He or she can ensure that your tax bill is lessened as much as possible and that you have all the right forms filled out and filed.

3. If you feel you pay too much in taxes

In some cases, there may be nothing you can do about the amount you pay in taxes every year, but there are things that an accountant might suggest when it comes to lowering your tax bill. Having him or her prepare your returns at the end of the year can give an accountant all the information they need to advise you on how to make adjustments and save money on your taxes. You may be overlooking deductions, may be able to adjust how you file, or may need to consider how to spend down your income in various ways. An accountant can discuss your options with you so you save as much as possible on your taxes.

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