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Financial Planning: How to Prepare For Your Future After Graduating College

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Shortly after you graduate college, your main objective is to get a job and start living independently. While this is definitely something you should focus on, it is also a good time to plan for your future, even beyond starting your career. Here are some financial planning tips to follow after you graduate from college and enter the professional world.

Start Saving Immediately

No matter how much you earn or what type of job you get, it is important that you don't spend every dime you earn. You need to have savings built up for many reasons, from losing a job when you least expect it to saving for retirement and helping to pay off some of your debt. The percentage you save depends on your budget and income, plus what expenses you have, but try to save as much as possible. If your new employer offers retirement plans that they contribute to, definitely take advantage of them. This can help save toward retirement, which is highly recommended even at a young age.

Create a Reasonable Budget

A common mistake made by college graduates is assuming you know what you will spend on everything, then figuring out you aren't saving enough or that you are putting too many purchases on credit cards. To avoid this, organise your money a little better by setting a budget. You can set the budget based on your current bills, income from your new job, and your living expenses. In the budget, include the absolutely necessary bills and debt you want to pay off each month, but also leave enough leftover for your savings. You can also work with a financial planner to come up with a good budget.

Make Smart Investments

Investments are okay to make even early on in your career post-college, but don't make any risky investments. It is best that you stick with investments that are considered safe, such as real estate. Buying your first home, even if you start with buying an apartment or condo, is a great investment to make. You can live in the home for now, then later on sell it and hopefully make a profit based on how the real estate market is.

Pay Off Your Student Loans

One of the most important debts to take care of are your student loans. These loans might start increasing in interest if you take too long to pay them, so add them to your necessary bills to pay each month. The sooner they are paid off, the more secure your financial future is going to be.